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We're just one day away from Pro Tour Born of the Gods. The best players in the world have gathered in Valencia, Spain, with dreams of hoisting a trophy above their heads on Sunday afternoon. The Constructed portion of Pro Tour Born of the Gods is Modern. Modern is a fast-paced format with a huge pool of available cards. We'll be watching combo strategies that deal millions of damage on the fourth turn, aggressive decks that are capable of fast victories while effectively disrupting any opponent, and control decks that have access to some of the most skill-intensive cards ever. Today, in preparation for Pro Tour Born of the Gods, we'll be taking a look at the new landscape of the Modern format in its current state.

Modern can be a confusing format to watch, especially if we haven't played much with the popular decks. Things will seem strange even for those of us who have been playing Modern in the last year or so. The banning of Deathrite Shaman and unbanning of Bitterblossom and Wild Nacatl heralded some big changes to the Modern format. Jund will likely fall out of favor while decks like Faeries and Zoo have new life breathed into them. A solid understanding of the major archetypes in the new Modern format will enhance our viewing experience by giving us the knowledge to have input on specific plays within a match. We've got a lot of decklists to cover in preparation for the Pro Tour; let's get to it!

Pyromancer Ascension Storm

umbrageous's Pyromancer Ascension Storm
Modern – 14th Place, Magic Online Premier Event #6737458

We'll kick things off by taking a look at Pyromancer Ascension Storm. When playing Pyromancer Ascension strategies, we're aiming to get our namesake enchantment in play and use it to start doubling inexpensive spells while creating huge amounts of mana with copied Manamorphose and Rituals. Once we've sifted through enough of our library we can fire off some very large Grapeshots to finish the game. The banning of Deathrite Shaman has reintroduced this strategy as one of the better combo strategies in the Modern format.

RUG Scapeshift

tsuru's RUG Scapeshift
Modern – 12th Place, Magic Online Premier Event #6737458

Scapeshift is the best one-card combo in Modern. When we have seven lands in play, we can cast Scapeshift and deal 18 points of damage, which will usually be enough to end the game in a format with so many shocklands and fetch lands. Things start to get crazy when there's a Prismatic Omen on the table, though. Scapeshift with six lands and Prismatic Omen and we can fire off 72 points of damage. This deck gets to play a reasonably interactive game and it has a lot of individually powerful cards. The resilience and lack of reliance on the graveyard make this a strong combo choice for Pro Tour Born of the Gods.

Melira Pod

Birthing Pod decks are essentially powerful midrange strategies that happen to have a number of infinite combos hidden within. Melira, Sylvok Outcast allows players to abuse the persist mechanic if they have access to a sacrifice outlet like Viscera Seer. We can use Murderous Redcap to deal infinite damage, or Kitchen Finks to gain infinite life. The deck's combo interactions don't stop there, though. Archangel of Thune in conjunction with Spike Feeder can make our team infinitely large while also gaining us infinite life. It's important for players to remain on the offensive against a deck like this; playing a reactionary game will be a futile endeavor for most non-Snapcaster Mage decks.

Red-White-Blue Control

Crash_CZ's Red-White-Blue Control
Modern – 4th Place, Magic Online Premier Event #6737458

Red-White-Blue Control is the most successful dedicated control strategy in the current Modern format. The deck plays a lot of interactive removal and countermagic and eventually takes over the game with a big spell. The deck will enjoy the amount of Zoo it will get to prey on after Wild Nacatl's unbanning, but Bitterblossom packs a longevity that's hard for a deck like this to deal with. Time will tell if this deck continues to do well with the new banned list, but it's looking like a very strong contender for the deck to beat going into Valencia.

Tribal Zoo

zeuth's Tribal Zoo
Modern – 9th Place, Magic Online Premier Event #6737458

Tribal Zoo is sure to be a factor at the upcoming Pro Tour. The deck gets to play with the most powerful burn spells ever printed, alongside Kird Ape, Loam Lion, Wild Nacatl, Tarmogoyf, Geist of Saint Traft, and Ghor-Clan Rampager. It's very difficult for us to ask for more. This is a very strong archetype, but the deck may be overly hated out of the format because everyone has their crosshairs lined up to take it down.

Blue-Red Delver

Androod's Blue-Red Delver
Modern – 7th Place, Magic Online Premier Event #6737458

Blue-Red Delver seems like it's well-positioned for Pro Tour Born of the Gods. The deck aims to get on the table quickly with Delver of Secrets and apply pressure with strong spot removal, disruption, and creatures with flash that assure the deck is always using all of its mana efficiently. This deck seems like a great way to beat dedicated combo and Faeries, but it seems like it might have trouble with the Zoo decks with a lot of 3 toughness for one mana.


osmanozguney's Faeries
Modern – 1st Place, Magic Online Premier Event #6737458

Always surprising, and never disappointing, Faeries won the premier event last Sunday. Faeries plays like a tempo strategy, getting onto the board early and then controlling the game with interactive removal and disruption. Most of the deck's threats can be cast at instant speed, meaning that the deck uses all of its mana very efficiently on most turns. We're not sure how good Faeries can be in a format with a lot of aggressive Zoo decks, but the deck has proven its resilience time and time again.


The french goblin's Robots
Modern – 4–0, Magic Online Daily Event #673746

Robots is one of the best aggressive strategies in Modern. The deck plays a lot of inexpensive artifacts and attempts to close the game quickly with a card like Cranial Plating. When opponents are able to deal with the initial onslaught, the deck can use Arcbound Ravager to load all of its hard work onto an Inkmoth or Blinkmoth Nexus that could potentially end the game on its own.


pyromaniac4290's Zoo
Modern – 4–0, Magic Online Daily Event #6737465

Here it is, the deck to beat for Pro Tour Born of the Gods. The deck aims to use undercosted creatures and burn to end games quickly and efficiently. The newest Zoo variations win the game on the fourth or fifth turn when facing little resistance. The deck also has a great deal of interactive ability thanks to its burn spells and Path to Exile.

Midrange Splinter Twin

Luskefisk's Midrange Splinter Twin
Modern – 4–0, Magic Online Daily Event #6737465

Splinter Twin has been one of the more successful combo strategies in Modern for some time now. The deck aims to win by assembling Splinter Twin or Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker with Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite to make INFINITY FAERIES and win the game. The latest trend with Splinter Twin is to play it in a tempo/midrange strategy that just happens to have the capability of going infinite. This makes the deck a lot more resilient to hate by giving it additional routes to victory. Also, the presence of strong, hard countermagic and cards like Vendilion Clique make the deck very good at breaking serve in a combo mirror where we lost the roll and have to be on the draw.

Martyr of Sands

Numbertwo's Martyr of Sands
Modern – 4–0, Magic Online Daily Event #6737465

It may seem odd that this makes the list here, but if players are expecting a lot of aggressive strategies or combo decks with actual ceilings and damage limits, then this deck is certainly the best choice in those circumstances. Martyr of Sands makes it extremely difficult to apply pressure and win a race against this deck. In the long game, Proclamation of Rebirth makes this deck have an unending stream of very potent threats or nearly infinite life at the ready.


MGatica's Ghostpants
Modern – 4–0, Magic Online Daily Event #6737465

The Modern Aura deck made a big splash at last year's World Championship. The deck aims to put a lot of Auras onto an inexpensive hexproof creature and allow it to take over the game. We can expect Auras to enjoy a metagame with less Liliana of the Veil now that Deathrite Shaman is out of the picture. This could very easily be the breakout deck of Pro Tour Born of the Gods.

Hate Bears

Aggressive green-white decks with a lot of interaction have been around for a very long time. This deck aims to kill the opponent while disrupting with unique effects. Leonin Arbiter essentially makes this deck's Ghost Quarters into Strip Mines. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben causes very real nightmares for control decks without an immediate answer and is almost always a death knell for combo strategies. Post-board, this deck can bring in game-ending cards like Worship and Thrun, the Last Troll, which in combination make the game very difficult to lose.

We should be sure to tune in for all of the exciting coverage of Pro Tour Born of the Gods. Modern offers up a lot of interesting interactions, and the games can be incredibly skill-testing. The journey we've just completed through the Modern format should give us a solid groundwork for the expected decks of the Pro Tour.

Knowledge is Power!

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Jacob Van Lunen
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Jacob Van Lunen began playing Magic in 1995. He has participated in organized play at every level of competition and was a member of the winning team at Pro Tour San Diego in 2007, thanks to an innovative draft strategy. As a writer, Van Lunen has had more than three hundred Magic strategy pieces published.

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