The Fates Will Decide

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You managed to set the game into a bit of a stalemate. Your Wall of Denial held Amy's Baneslayer Angel, Josh's Desecration Demon, and Tyler's Falkenrath Aristocrat at bay, but you were going to need something more, quickly, as you could see that each of your opponents was getting ready to really start applying pressure, and the Wall of Denial wouldn't do much against multiple creatures attacking at once.

You draw Fated Infatuation and released the long slow breath of a player who realizes the Fates are laughing. Fated Infatuation will only let you copy your own creatures, and the only creature you had on the battlefield had shroud, so you can't even target it!

Thankfully, the game is still early. Perhaps you'll draw into something else that can help you out. Perhaps none of your opponents will take advantage of your misstep. Perhaps the Fates will shine on you later in the game.

Perhaps not.

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