The Fates Will Decide

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The first game of the night had been going pretty well, then Jesse decided things were getting out of hand, so he used Jaya Ballard's third ability, doing 6 damage to all creatures and players. That effectively reset the board, except for your Wall of Frost and a handy Sensei's Divining Top. Harry played another land and dropped a smaller creature that really didn't affect the board in any way. John followed up on his turn with Deranged Hermit and a flashed back Chatter of the Squirrel. By themselves, the Squirrels and the Hermit were annoying, but you've seen John's deck before, and Beastmaster Ascension would be coming in the not-too-distant future. You'd need an answer right away.

You could see the writing on the wall. There was little doubt where John's attack would go, since Jesse had no cards in hand, you had the highest life total then, and—with the Top—you were finding answers and threats faster than the others. You had no answers in hand, but your Fated Infatuation let you scry 2. Your Sensei's Divining Top already told you there was nothing in the next two cards on top of your library that would save you, but you played the Fated Infatuation anyway, copying your Wall of Frost, and scrying those two cards away. You used the Top again, and found a Rite of Replication!

You swapped the Top for the Rite, and cast it kicked, making five copies of Deranged Hermit and all the Squirrels that come with that. The danger from John's Squirrels was gone, and he'd have to deal with twenty Squirrels the next turn! The Fates smiled on you for choosing the card that let you search just that little bit deeper into your library for a solution.

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