The Fates Will Decide

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You managed to set the game into a bit of a stalemate. Your Wall of Denial held Amy's Baneslayer Angel, Josh's Desecration Demon, and Tyler's Falkenrath Aristocrat at bay, but you were going to need something more quickly, as you could see that each of your opponents was getting ready to really start applying pressure, and the Wall of Denial wouldn't do much against multiple creatures attacking at once.

You drew Phyrexian Metamorph and released that long slow breath that ends with the corners of your mouth tipping up in an evil smile. The Metamorph allowed you to copy any of your opponents' creatures or possible artifacts coming up. You get a variety of choices, whereas Fated Infatuation would have offered you none. You chose to copy the Baneslayer Angel and suddenly Josh was not looking nearly as dangerous as he was just a turn before.

The Fates rejoice with you, sharing in the glee of pending domination!

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