New Planeswalker Decks and Format on Magic Online

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Note: This article may contain out of date information. For more information on the Planeswalker format, click here.

Starting August 26th discover a new way to explore Magic Online—the new Planeswalker Deck Pack! This Deck Pack contains over 200 gold-bordered cards—powerful selections from throughout the Magic game. These cards are untradeable and playable only in the new Planeswalker format. The eight Planeswalker decklists provided in the game client are only the beginning! Players can modify decks (subject to the format rules outlined below) with any gold-bordered cards in their collection.

The Planeswalker Deck Pack will automatically be added to all new Magic Online accounts. Additionally, it will be granted to any account created after August 5 during a future downtime. Other accounts will be able to purchase the Planeswalker Deck Pack for $4.99 in the Magic Online store.

After the August 26 downtime, all games started in the New Player room will be the Planeswalker format by default, and can also be Freeplay Current Theme Decks or Standard. The Planeswalker format will also be available in the Multiplayer room.

The Planeswalker format is subject to the following deckbuilding rules:

  • Decks must be 60 cards minimum.
  • All cards (including basic land) must be gold-bordered.
  • Please click here for full list of restricted cards.
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