Brady Dommermuth

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Brady Dommermuth is the senior creative designer and worldbuilding lead for Magic: The Gathering. He has worked on Magic for almost fourteen of its seventeen years, during which time his training in literature, theater, and drama criticism has actually been relevant! He started reading comics and playing Dungeons & Dragons in 1982. It was a very good year.

Wizards of the Coast novels and short stories by Brady Dommermuth:

  • The Fathom Edict
  • Mechanically Inclined
  • Path of the Planeswalker 2
  • Path of the Planeswalker

    1. Cake or PieCake.
    2. Night or DayNight.
    3. Truth or DareTruth
    4. City or CountryCity.
    5. Intelligent or HappyIntelligent.
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