Indestructible "Impervium"

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Normal metal and 'Impervium'

The letter T!he style guide for Darksteel, the Magic set, naturally has information on darksteel, the metal. This extremely hard magical substance lends its flavor -- not to mention the property of indestructibility -- to cards with names starting with "Darksteel" (from Darksteel Brute to Darksteel Reactor). As Darksteel (codenamed "Lettuce") was being concepted, the indestructible metal was called "impervium," and was described thusly:

"Impervium" is a magical indestructible metal. It always appears as a dark black metal surrounded by yellow/gold orbiting streaks of magical energy.

To see that description in the art, take a look at these concept sketches and zoomed-in finished art for "impervium" cards.

Darksteel Brute
Darksteel Brute is a statue made of darksteel that can come to life to smash some face. Note how well the artist, Nottsuo, captured the glossy black metal.

Darksteel Colossus
What's better than an Iron Giant? One made of darksteel! Darksteel Colossus clearly shows the "orbiting streaks of magical energy" mentioned in the style guide.

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