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The letter T!he third set in the Ice Age block is Coldsnap.

Coldsnap Logo

Set Name Coldsnap
Block Set 3 of 3 in the Ice Age Block
Number of Cards 155
Release Date July 21, 2006
Prerelease Events July 8-9, 2006
Release Tournaments July 22-23, 2006
Previews start
June 26, 2006
Design Team Bill Rose (lead)
Mark Rosewater
Aaron Forsythe
Devin Low
Development Team Randy Buehler (lead)
Mike Turian
Devin Low
Zvi Mowshowitz

Coldsnap Expansion Symbol

The Coldsnap expansion symbol

Art from Coldsnap
Art from Coldsnap

Watch for further details on Coldsnap.

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