Jeff Grubb Returns in the Coldsnap Fat Pack!

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The letter J!eff Grubb wrote The Gathering Dark, The Eternal Ice, and The Shattered Alliance, the three celebrated novels of the Ice Age block.

Heidar uncovers ancient Phyrexian runes under melting ice, and hatches a plan to “fix” a thawing world.

We've already told you that you'll get a copy of Book 1, The Gathering Dark, in the Coldsnap Fat Pack. But what you might not know is that there's a new original story by Jeff Grubb included with the Coldsnap Player's Guide, inside that very same Fat Pack.

The piece tells the story of the events since The Shattered Alliance from the perspective of a certain legendary wizard named Heidar and his mad—but strangely understandable, when you read it in his own words—quest to refreeze the continent of Terisiare. You may have learned something about Heidar in Matt Cavotta's preview article yesterday, but you owe it to yourself to pick up a Fat Pack and read Jeff Grubb's treatment of Coldsnap's centerpiece villain.

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