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The letter W!ant to get hip-deep in Coldsnap immediately? Check out the Coldsnap theme decks, hitting shelves along with booster packs and Fat Packs on July 21.

Ice Age and Alliances cards?!

Yep. Since Coldsnap is part of the Ice Age Block, its cards of course play nicely with cards from the Ice Age and Alliances sets. And just like other third sets' theme decks, Coldsnap's theme decks contain cards from its venerable predecessors, Ice Age and Alliances.

Online Ice Age and Alliances cards?!

Yep. The contents of these theme decks is particularly big news for the Magic Online crowd. As soon as these theme decks hit Magic Online, Ice Age and Alliances cards that have never been available online will become available. That means your Online Classic decks can feature such true classics as Gorilla Shaman, Bounty of the Hunt, Giant Trap Door Spider, Kjeldoran Dead, Death Spark, Ashen Ghoul, Scars of the Veteran, Brainstorm, Storm Elemental, Browse, and good old Swords to Plowshares.

Ready for the lists?

From Ice Age: Aurochs, Giant Trap Door Spider, Incinerate, Orcish Lumberjack, Tinder Wall, Whalebone Glider
From Alliances: Bounty of the Hunt, Deadly Insect, Gorilla Shaman

From Ice Age: Ashen Ghoul, Barbed Sextant, Dark Ritual, Dark Banishing, Kjeldoran Dead, Orcish Healer, Skull Catapult, Soul Burn, basic land
From Alliances: Balduvian Dead, Casting of Bones, Death Spark, Insidious Bookworms

From Ice Age: Binding Grasp, Brainstorm, Disenchant, Kjeldoran Elite Guard, Portent, Swords to Plowshares, Wings of Aesthir, Zuran Spellcaster, basic land
From Alliances: Lat-Nam's Legacy, Reinforcements, Scars of the Veteran, Kjeldoran Home Guard

From Ice Age: Arcum's Weathervane, Drift of the Dead, Essence Flare, Gangrenous Zombies, Iceberg, Legions of Lim-Dul, Mistfolk, Snow Devil
From Alliances: Browse, Phantasmal Fiend, Storm Elemental, Viscerid Drone

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