Coldsnap Release Promo Card Revealed

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The letter M!arit Lage: an epic sorcerer frozen in a glacier's heart. Her thundering steps haven't been felt on Terisiare since she was locked in the glacier, but you already know that she waits, not dead, in those Dark Depths.

Not the release promo card.

If you attend a Coldsnap Release Tournament, you'll finally be able to summon that indestructible 20/20.

That's right. It's a token card as the release promo—and might we add that it's only the biggest, baddest, most eldritch creature token in the history of trading card games? Don't wait 20 turns and miss your opportunity to tap for some snow mana, ripple up a 4-of and get your copy of a sorcerer gone mad.

Coldsnap Release Tournaments – Information and Locations

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