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The letter W!elcome again to Mistform Ultimus Watch! In this recurring sub-feature of Magic Arcana we keep track of everybody's favorite legendary illusion (and bane of trivia enthusiasts everywhere) to see what creature types it has gained and/or lost.

We last checked in with the Ultimus after the release of Coldsnap. Since then, Time Spiral and its associated set of timeshifted cards have released. Although those hourglass-marked cards are themed around Magic’s past, Mistform Ultimus has picked up an interesting set of new types.

  • Eye – Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore got a tweak to interact with the new Evil Eye of Urborg. They both get the new Eye type and can therefore attack together.
  • Dauthi, Kor and Soltari – The Dauthi and the Soltari were races trapped in the interplanar gap between Rath and Dominaria (this “trapped between planes” state is tied to the shadow mechanic). The Kor were a race of nomadic humanoids in Rath, divided between the en-Kor and il-Kor. These humanoid races aren’t human, so in their new printings they get their own creature type.
  • Triskelavite – Triskelavus generates a new type of token, the Triskelavite. Mistform Ultimus appreciates both the Triskelion/Tetravus homage—and its new creature type.
  • Splinter – Splintering Wind from Alliances made Sprite tokens for a time, to avoid confusion with the card Splinter. Now it makes Splinter tokens again.

Mistform Ultimus has lost these types:

  • Cavalry – When Moorish Cavalry was printed in Arabian Nights, it was “Summon Cavalry.” Now (as seen in Time Spiral’s timeshifted cards) it’s a Human Knight.
  • Dandan – Dandan is now Creature – Fish.
  • Dervish – Whirling Dervish from Legends is now a Human Monk.
  • Flying-Men, Sindbad and Uncle-Istvan – These single-card types (that are just people with very old templates) all become Creature—Human.
  • Gaea's-Liege – Gaea’s Liege becomes Creature—Avatar.
  • Hunter – Witch Hunter from The Dark becomes Creature – Human Cleric. “Hunters” in Magic are represented as a variety of types from Assassins to Warriors to Archers.
  • Mosquito – Swamp Mosquito was trying to keep a creature type alive all by itself, and is now consolidated into Insect.
  • Sprite – Like Ravnica’s Surveilling Sprite, “Sprite” cards have always been Faeries. Now that Splintering Wind is back to making Splinter tokens, Sprites are no longer their own creature type in Magic.
  • Squire – Ol’ Squire is actually better than he was back in the day. Now at least he’s a Human Soldier.
  • Taskmaster – Kobold Taskmaster gets the much more sensible type line of “Kobold.”

So Mistform Ultimus is now a Lemure Construct, a Shyft Preacher, a Splinter Being, a Chicken Bringer, a Sliver King, a Nightmare Lurker, a Kor Spawn, and a Ninja Spy Horse Exorcist.

All together, as of Time Spiral, Mistform Ultimus is a:

Abomination, Aboroth, Advisor, Aladdin, Albatross, Alchemist, Ali-Baba, Ali-from-Cairo, Alligator, Ambush-Party, Angel, Ant, Antelope, Ape, Archaeologist, Archer, Archon, Artificer, Asp, Assassin, Assembly-Worker, Atog, Aurochs, Avatar, Avenger, Avizoa, Badger, Ball-Lightning, Bandit, Banshee, Barbarian, Barishi, Basilisk, Bat, Bear, Beast, Bee, Beeble, Being, Berserker, Bird, Blinkmoth, Boar, Bodyguard, Bringer, Brother, Brownie, Brushwagg, Bull, Bureaucrat, Camarid, Camel, Caravan, Caribou, Carnivore, Carriage, Carrier, Cat, Cave-People, Centaur, Cephalid, Cheetah, Chicken, Child, Chimera, Citizen, Clamfolk, Cleric, Cobra, Cockatrice, Constable, Construct, Cow, Crab, Crocodile, Crusader, Cyclops, Dauthi, Demon, Deserter, Designer, Devil, Devouring-Deep, Dinosaur, Djinn, Dog, Donkey, Doppelganger, Dragon, Dragonfly, Drake, Dreadnought, Drill-Sergeant, Drone, Druid, Dryad, Dwarf, Eater, Eel, Effigy, Efreet, Egg, Elder, Elemental, Elephant, Elf, El-Hajjâj, Enchantress, Entity, Erne, Essence, Exorcist, Expansion-Symbol, Eye, Faerie, Fallen, Farmer, Ferret, Fiend, Fish, Flagbearer, Fox, Frog, Frostbeast, Fungus, Fungusaur, Gaea’s-Avenger, Gamer, Gargoyle, Gatekeeper, General, Ghost, Ghoul, Giant, Gnome, Goat, Goblin, Golem, Gorgon, Graveborn, Gremlin, Griffin, Guardian, Gus, Gypsy, Hag, Harlequin, Heretic, Hero, Hipparion, Hippo, Homarid, Hornet, Horror, Horse, Horseman, Hound, Human, Hydra, Hyena, Illusion, Imp, Incarnation, Infernal-Denizen, Inquisitor, Insect, Island-Fish, Jackal, Jellyfish, Juggernaut, Kavu, Keeper, Kelp, King, Kirin, Kithkin, Knight, Kobold, Kor, Kraken, Lady-of-Proper-Etiquette, Lammasu, Leech, Legionnaire, Lemure, Leper, Leviathan, Lhurgoyf, Licid, Lizard, Lord, Lurker, Lycanthrope, Mage, Maiden, Mammoth, Manticore, Marid, Martyr, Master, Medusa, Mercenary, Merchant, Merfolk, Mime, Minion, Minor, Minotaur, Miracle-Worker, Mist, Mob, Mold-Demon, Monger, Mongoose, Monk, Monster, Moonfolk, Mummy, Murk-Dwellers, Mutant, Myr, Mystic, Nameless-Race, Narwhal, Nephilim, Niall-Silvain, Nightmare, Nightstalker, Ninja, Noble, Nomad, Octopus, Ogre, Ooze, Orb, Orc, Orgg, Ouphe, Ox, Oyster, Paladin, Paratrooper, Peacekeeper, Pegasus, Penguin, Pentavite, People-of-the-Woods, Pest, Phantasm, Phelddagrif, Phoenix, Pig, Pikemen, Pincher, Pirate, Pixie-Queen, Plant, Poison-Snake, Poltergeist, Pony, Preacher, Priest, Prism, Pyknite, Rabbit, Raider, Ranger, Rat, Rebel, Reflection, Rhino, Robber, Roc, Rock-Sled, Rogue, Sage, Salamander, Samurai, Sand, Saproling, Satyr, Scavenger, Scorpion, Scout, Serf, Serpent, Shade, Shaman, Shapeshifter, Shark, Sheep, Ship, Shyft, Singing-Tree, Sister, Skeleton, Slith, Sliver, Slug, Smith, Snake, Soldier, Soltari, Sorceress, Spawn, Speaker, Specter, Spellshaper, Sphinx, Spider, Spike, Spirit, Splinter, Sponge, Spuzzem, Spy, Squirrel, Stangg-Twin, Starfish, Strider, Survivor, Swarm, Tactician, Tarpan, Teddy, Tetravite, Thief, The-Biggest-Baddest-Nastiest-Scariest-Creature-You’ll-Ever-See, Thopter, Thrull, Thundermare, Tiger, Titan, Toad, Tortoise, Townsfolk, Tracker, Treefolk, Triskelavite, Troll, Turtle, Twin, Undead, Unicorn, Vampire, Vedalken, Viashino, Villain, Viper, Volver, Vulture, Waiter, Walking-Dead, Wall, War-Rider, Warrior, Wasp, Weird, Whale, Whippoorwill, Wight, Wiitigo, Wirefly, Witch, Wizard, Wolf, Wolverine, Wolverine-Pack, Wolves-of-the-Hunt, Wombat, Worm, Wraith, Wretched, Wurm, Yeti, Zombie, Zubera

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