Wild Pair’s Eleven

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The letter W!ild Pair is a splashy enchantment from Planar Chaos that auto-summons a buddy from your library whenever you play a creature. It’s not just any buddy, however—it has to be a creature of the same total power and toughness. For instance, you could play a simple Grizzly Bears, and Wild Pair could provde anything from Clockwork Beast to Avalanche Riders, from Disciple of Tevesh Szat to Windreaver. Handy!

But—a total power/toughness of four? We’re thinking too small here. Check out the card’s art.

Two critters are shown busting out of the aether here: on the left, we have one creature and on the right we have another. Can you recognize them without clicking the links? Here’s a hint: these creatures go to eleven.

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