Future Sight’s Card Type Symbols

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The letter T!he design of the Future Sight timeshifted card frames is splashy, but also utilitarian. Their form follows function to a surprising degree. For example, you can read the mana cost of the “futureshifted” cards instantly when you have them fanned out (at least if you fan them in one direction—sorry, lefties). And you can even tell their card types.

“We wanted the player to know what type of card they had in their hand just by peeking at the corners of their cards.”
--Robert Rapier, CAPS (Creative and Production Services)

Since so much work went into their design, we thought you’d enjoy seeing high resolution versions of the symbols we used on those cards.


Future Sight Creature Symbol


Future Sight Sorcery Symbol


Future Sight Instant Symbol


Future Sight Enchantment Symbol


Future Sight Artifact Symbol


Future Sight Land Symbol


Some cards have more than one type. This symbol is used on oddities like Bound in Silence (remember, tribal is a card type, not a supertype) and more “traditional” two-type cards like Lucent Liminid and Sarcomite Myr.

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