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Tenth Edition busts onto the scene in a gigantic event called Magic Game Day (see www.wizards.com/magicgameday), coming July 14th. Game Day will be your first opportunity to play with Tenth Edition cards and to participate in a huge Magic gala happening simultaneously all over the world. Got a friend who'd love to try out Magic for the first time? Bring them to Game Day—there'll be friendly, easy learn-to-play demos going on all Game Day long. Keep your eyes on www.wizards.com/magicgameday for more details.

Now, what exactly are you going to see when you arrive at Game Day? What tantalizing Tenth Edition secrets have the mages at Wizards been keeping tucked in their grimoires?

Today we reveal the packaging for the Tenth Edition theme decks. We think you'll find there's a running... theme.

Bust open the white one.

W White W

Let your enemies' aggression be their own undoing. You'll parry every strike, neutralize every creature, and roadblock every assault in your foe's arsenal, then win by a well-aimed stroke. Remember Cho-Manno's motto: "The first principle of war is to be the last to die."

Oooh. Wasn't that guy a legend? Does that mean there's somebody cool in the blue one?

U Blue U

Manipulate, deceive, humiliate, win. Frustrate your enemies by undoing all their hard work while you tear through your library for whatever spell you need. Then deliver the deathblow at your leisure with a little help from the archmage Arcanis the Omnipotent.

Kick ass. These theme decks were specially designed to be awesome teaching tools for newbies, and yet a blast to play for diehards at the same time. Seriously, check out the black one...

B Black B

The throne of power is not for the weak. It takes a strong mind—and an even stronger stomach—to dispense such darkness, spell after spell. Summon the tyrannical evincar Crovax himself to crush your enemy under the weight of your sinister minions.

The legend parade just keeps on coming. Maybe you can even guess who's in charge of the red deck.

R Red R

Patience is no virtue. With the pit fighter Kamahl and a horde of temper-challenged "haste" creatures at your command, you'll scorch your way to victory before your enemy even finds the snooze button. Attack and burn anything that stands in your way. Why wait?

We could stop here. We could just tell you that a "Countdown to Tenth Edition" promotion begins on magicthegathering.com on June 11, and be done with Arcana for the day. But we have a fondness for the last one, and where's the fun in being left hanging? So, here you go.

Like monsters? I mean, really huge monsters? Got a friend whose face you'd like to pound in with aforementioned monsters? Then you have one more link to click, because last, but IN NO WAY LEAST, is Tenth'sgreen theme deck.

G Green G

Summon the crushing might of the forest.
First you'll create a burgeoning woodland as far as the eye can see. Then you'll unleash a stampede of colossal creatures that only get bigger as you expand your forest—just like your general, the enormous maro-sorcerer Molimo.

Tenth Edition. Black borders. No limits. See it first at Magic Game Day, and take the legends home with you.

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