Legacy Weapon Answers

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The letter L!ast week we looked at the new Tenth Edition art of Legacy Weapon, in which Terese Nielsen embedded many, many of the Legacy artifacts into one piece of art. Today we reveal the answers.

There were seventeen Legacy artifacts shown in the piece. How many did you catch? Mouse over the image to see the answers.

  1. The Skyship Weatherlight
  2. Karn, Silver Golem
  3. Squee's Toy
  4. Null Rod
  5. Skyshaper
  6. Touchstone
  7. Juju Bubble
  8. Thran Forge
  9. Thran Tome
  10. Eye of Ramos
  11. Heart of Ramos
  12. Horn of Ramos
  13. Skull of Ramos
  14. Tooth of Ramos
  15. Power Matrix
  16. Mightstone (embedded in one of the eye sockets of Urza's head)
  17. Weakstone (ditto)

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