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The letter I!t's time for a sneak peek at Lorwyn, Magic's next large set that releases in October. You'll find Lorwyn boosters in a display box that looks like this:

There are five different booster designs for Lorwyn, taken from art of cards in the set. The first one looks like this:

Ready for more? Here's the second booster:

Having fun? We are. See, we're pretty excited about Lorwyn around the Wizards offices. It's just crammed full of—oh, you wanted to see another booster?

Where were we? Lorwyn. As you may have guessed, "Lorwyn" is the name of the setting—the plane of the multiverse—where Magic is going next, in addition to the name of the set. Next booster?

Lorwyn card previews begin on magicthegathering.com in September, but really, Lorwyn is best experienced in person, with cards right in front of you. The new set hits stores on October 12, so October 12-14 are the dates to remember for getting out to the Lorwyn release events at your local stores to get in on the party. That's a long time to have to wait for the big event, but the Lorwyn prerelease tournament should help get you there.

Lorwyn shines in Limited as well as Constructed, and is full of surprises. So get ready for the newest facet of the world's premier trading card game. Until then, enjoy the final booster!

Watch magicthegathering.com for more information on Lorwyn.

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