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During Mirage development, there was some desire to create a legendary land called Teferi's Isle. The island was crucial to the story and Bill Rose, the lead designer and developer of Mirage, felt it should be included. As it was so tied to blue in the story, Rose felt it needed to produce blue mana. But there were no other legendary lands that made sense for the other four colors. To include it would set the colors out of balance. The development team (Rose, William Jockusch, Mark Rosewater, and Mike Elliott) came up with a novel solution: What if Teferi's Isle was the first card of a "mega-mega-cycle?" In each block, R&D would include a legendary land in the cycle for the next five years. (It was called a "mega-mega-cycle" as opposed to a "mega-cycle" since the cards would appear once per block rather than once per set.)

For extra style points, R&D included the cards in a little pattern:

Mirage block (in the first set, Mirage): Teferi's Isle (blue)
Tempest block (in the second set, Stronghold): Volrath's Stronghold (black)
Urza's block (in the third set, Urza's Destiny): Yavimaya Hollow (green)
Masques block: (in the second set, Nemesis): Kor Haven (white)
Invasion block (in the first set, Invasion): Keldon Necropolis (red)

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