Mirrodin Environments: White

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Today we look at some concept sketches from early on in the world of Mirrodin. When the concept for a new block is created, Magic artists are tapped to illustrate R&D's ideas and flesh out the world. Here's a look at the environments portrayed on Mirrodin's white cards.

Concept sketch by Mark Tedin

Above: A long view of the Mirrodin plains (illustration by Mark Tedin). White environments in Mirrodin are shiny and sun-colored -- silver, gold and mirrored steel. In the background on the left, you can see a large Leonin den, perhaps guarded by a Leonin Den-Guard?

Concept sketch by Brian Snoddy Right: A detail illo of the Razor Fields (illustration by Brian Snoddy). In this close-up and in the foreground of the sketch above, we can see the sharp metal grasses of the Razor Fields, literally blades of grass jutting from the ground. Denizens of the plains harvest these blades to create weapons and tools (e.g. Leonin Bladetrap).

Concept sketch by Mark Tedin Left: Here's a settlement (illustration by Mark Tedin) of white-aligned humans, the Aurioks. Aurioks are wiry and resourceful (see Auriok Steelshaper) -- their construction appears more makeshift than the Leonin den. This illustration features a lookout tower on top of the building, and on the right, a "tuft" of razor grass.

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