Mirrodin Environments: Red

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The letter T!oday we take another look behind the scenes of the development of Mirrodin's creative development: the red-aligned environments. Don't miss our other looks at Mirrodin's white, blue and black environments.

The red lands of the plane of Mirrodin are mountains of metal, mostly rusted iron. Scrap metal piled high, combined with structures of pipe and plate, form peaks where Mirrodin's goblins -- and many other heat-happy creatures -- live.

Below: A sketch of a rusty mountain range by Mark Tedin. These mountains definitely have the Mirrodin "metal world" look, replacing dry rocky peaks with hammered metal and twisting ductwork.

Mirrodin mountain sketch by Mark Tedin

Goblin village sketch by Mark TedinLeft: A rough sketch of a goblin village by Mark Tedin. Goblins (see Goblin Striker and Krark-Clan Grunt) are as fecund on Mirrodin as they have been on other planes, and have quickly taken over the rusty mountain ranges, building metal villages and occupying natural hollows. They have become prolific, if imprecise, engineers, inventing crude machinery such as the Goblin War Wagon and the Goblin Charbelcher. Central to the goblins' culture and religion is Kuldotha, the Great Furnace, from which flow rivers of molten metal.

Below: A full-color concept illustration by Mark Tedin. See the metal "boulder" floating above one of the peaks? Mirrodin's mountain ranges generate strong magnetic fields which cause these anti-gravity anomalies (see also any of Mirrodin's basic Mountains). The mountains are also home to the human Vulshok, hardy artificers and warriors (see Vulshok Battlemaster or Berserker, or their Battlegear).

Mirrodin mountain illustration by Mark Tedin

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