Mirrodin Environments: Green

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The letter T!oday we take our fifth look behind the scenes of the development of Mirrodin's look and feel: the green-aligned environments. See also our looks at white, blue, black and red.

Central to the green locations is the Tangle, an enormous, sprawling "forest" made of copper structures. The greenish tint the Tangle bears comes from verdigris (no, not the card Verdigris; it's the crust of copper sulfate or copper chloride that forms on copper after being exposed to air for long periods). The Tangle's inhabitants call this "the Molder" (hence cards like Molder Slug).

Below: Here's an early concept illustration by Vance Krovacs of the upper canopy of the Tangle. Note how metallic the tree-analog structures are here. Note also the scale of the piece: the small figure on the extreme left is human-sized (probably an elf).

Mirrodin Tangle illustration by Vance Krovacs

Mirrodin sketch by Vance Krovacs Left: The Tangle's structures resemble organic branches, foliage, and vines, but are not plants. Here's a detail sketch of one of the Tangle's "trees."

Deep within the Tangle is a huge tree-structure that the Viridian elves call Tel-Jilad, the Tree of Tales. The surface of Tel-Jilad is carved with runes engraved there by the Tel-Jilad trolls over hundreds of years.

Below: This is a later illustration of the Tangle by Mark Tedin. Note again the scale here - the cables connecting this stucture to other "trees" are basically rope bridges used by Viridian elves.

Mirrodin Tangle illustration by Mark Tedin

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