Darksteel Fact Sheet

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Darksteel is the newest upcoming expert-level expansion for Magic: The Gathering. It is the second set in the Mirrodin Block, which also includes the sets Mirrodin and the upcoming Fifth Dawn.

Click for info on Darksteel prerelease tournaments

Prerelease Date: January 24-25, 2004.
Find information and schedules for Darksteel prerelease tournament events here!

Release (Sale) Date: February 6, 2004.

Legal in Constructed Tournaments: February 20, 2004.
This will be just in time to be legal for Pro Tour Kobe, February 27-29; a block constructed event.

Set Size: 165 cards.
This is the first set to release with this size. Randy Buehler explained this change in set size in an article.

Border Color: Black.
Darksteel will be the second black-bordered set to feature the new card face that debuted in Eighth Edition. The premium cards will also be black bordered.

Expansion Symbol: A stylized shield.

R&D Code Name: Lettuce.

R&D Design Team: Bill Rose (lead), Tyler Bielman, Brian Schneider, and Mark Rosewater.

R&D Development Team: Henry Stern (lead), Tyler Bielman, Brandon Bozzi, Charlie Catino, and Brian Schneider.

We'll be posting more information and preview cards over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to MagicTheGathering.com.

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