Sliver art gallery 2

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The letter Y!esterday we looked at the art of Stronghold's cycle of multicolored Slivers. Get set for more: today we look at some of Tempest's adaptable nasties.

Tempest has two cycles of Slivers: a common cycle of 1/1 Slivers for converted mana cost of 2 Mana (plus Metallic Sliver for 1 Mana), and an uncommon cycle of 2/2 Slivers for 3 Mana. Today we present the art for the 2/2 uncommons. Enjoy.

Armor Sliver by Scott Kirschner

Barbed Sliver by Scott Kirschner

Horned Sliver by L. A. Williams

Mindwhip Sliver by Jeff Miracola

Mnemonic Sliver by Randy Gallegos

Tune in tomorrow for the art of those common Tempest staples: Muscle, Winged, Heart...

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