Odyssey style guide: Nantuko

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The letter T!he Nantuko are a race of wise, mantis-like creatures from the Odyssey block. Spiritually close to nature, they are druids by profession. Today's Magic Arcana takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Nantuko chapter of the Odyssey style guide, to see what the artist illustrating these Insect Druids saw when the cards were still being designed.

Nantuko cards

Nantuko head detail

To the right is a close-up concept illustration of a male Nantuko's head features. The caption reads:

"Male shaman/elder
Older males grow chin and nostril tendrils as they age"
Don't chuckle: nothing makes an older mantis look more distinguished than long nostril tendrils!

Below is a diagram of the morphological differences between male and female Nantuko.

Nantuko male and female

And here are some sketchbook concepts of some Nantuko bone weapons and armor.

Nantuko weapons and helmet

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