Death to Vhati

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In his article yesterday, Mark Rosewater wrote, "One of my favorite contributions to Tempest was a series of three cards that spelled out a little scene between Greven il-Vec and Vhati il-Dal."

Here is that sequence of flavor text, spanning Repentance, Vhati il-Dal, and Diabolic Edict.

The story behind this exchange is as follows: Greven had boarded the Weatherlight and was engaged in a swordfight with Gerrard. Vhati -- back aboard the Predator -- ordered his moggs to fire upon the Weatherlight, hoping to kill Gerrard and rid himself of they tyrannical Greven at the same time. Unfortunately for Vhati, things didn't go as planned….

Repentnace, Vhati il-Dal, Diabolic Edict
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