A Fatter Fat Pack

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The letter T!he fat pack just got fatter.

The Ninth Edition fat pack sports a brand spanking new format for the fat pack, stuffed inside a box big enough that it might as well read "WIDE LOAD" on the side:

Ninth Edition fat pack product image
Ninth Edition fat pack product image

Yes, that's one fat pack. And yes, that's some nice art of the Ninth Edition's Serra Angel and Hypnotic Specter locked in battle -- there's more on the card boxes inside.

Speaking of insides, this new fat pack format features:

  • two card boxes with a new art piece that wraps around them,
  • six of these cool color dividers that fit in the card boxes,
  • a mini-poster built into the reverse of the card box wrapper,
  • a Ninth Edition Spindown life counter,
  • a 40-card land pack,
  • a Ninth Edition player's guide,
  • a special oversized Ninth Edition card (see right),
  • and six Ninth Edition booster packs.

Ninth Edition fat pack contents
Ninth Edition fat pack contents

Now that's a fat pack. (So much for our 2005 New Year's resolutions to keep our products slim and trim.)

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