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[adult swim] The letter I!f you've ever stayed up late and aimed your bleary eyeballs at several hours of animated randomness -- and our market research shows that it's a good bet that you have -- then you've probably seen Adult Swim. It's a block of late-night animation programming that takes over Cartoon Network after the kiddies have gone to bed.

And for the next two weeks, Adult Swim is airing Ravnica prerelease ads.

Screenshot of a sample prerelease ad

Gotta get up early? Got no TiVo or an old VCR? Got (*gasp*) no access to basic cable? No worries. Just head to PlayRavnica.com to see the ads for yourself. They rotate every day.

And to make us really happy, just go to the dang prerelease. And keep watching cartoons, you insomniac.

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