Back-Alley Ravnica

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The letter A!lthough is fresh off of Selesnya Week, don't make the mistake of thinking that everyone in Ravnica is dedicated to the peace and protection of their community.

In its dimly-lit alleys and its macabre undercity stairways, Ravnica is a city of desperation, crime, and dark agendas. Take a look at some of the card art that showcases Ravnica's darker side.

Citizens of Ravnica stick to the main streets. Shortcuts may look tempting, but down each alley, dozens of hungry hands await, and screams do not carry into the busy market throng.
- flavor text, Viashino Slasher

Civic Wayfinder
Civic Wayfinder art by Cyril Van Der Haegen

Moonlight Bargain
Moonlight Bargain art by Nick Percival

Lurking Informant
Lurking Informant art by Ron Spears

Undercity Shade
Undercity Shade art by Dana Knutson

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