Dissension Fact Sheet

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The letter T!he third set in the Ravnica Block will be called Dissension.

Dissension Logo

Set Name Dissension
Block Set 3 of 3 in the Ravnica Block
Number of Cards 180
Release Date May 5, 2006
Prerelease Tournaments April 22-23, 2006
Previews start
on magicthegathering.com
April 10, 2006
Design Team Aaron Forsythe (lead)
Mark Gottlieb
Brandon Bozzi
Mark Rosewater
Development Team Matt Place (lead)
Mark Rosewater
Brian Schneider
Steve Warner

Dissension Expansion Symbol

The Dissension expansion symbol

Dissension style guide image - Rakdos
The demonlord Rakdos, leader of the Rakdos guild

And because we didn't show them off before, here are the Guildpact logo and expansion symbol:

Guildpact Logo

Guildpact Expansion Symbol

The Guildpact expansion symbol

Watch magicthegathering.com for further details on Guildpact and Dissension.

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