Alternate Chinese Art in Ravnica, Part 3

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Today we look at the third and final batch of alternate card art for Chinese editions of Ravnica (see Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them).

Artists Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai depicted Golgari Guildmage with the traditional skull-like facepaint of Golgari elf shamans, but that's not the problem for the Chinese printing. The real issue is the actual bare skull in the shaman's left hand, which was painted out and replaced by a stone orb instead:

The fellow Golgari creature Vulturous Zombie was concepted as a large, flying, half-plant, half-corpse. Artist Greg Staples would definitely have to include graphic skull imagery given an art description like that. The skull on Vulturous Zombie turned out to be such a small element of the art, however, and the difference is so subtle, that we thought it'd be most informative to overlay the images directly, and let you see the changes for yourself (click the links below the image to switch between the original art and the Chinese alternate art).


Vulturous Zombie -
Original art
Vulturous Zombie -
Chinese alternate art

That's right -- just the addition of some eyeballs. Sometimes it doesn't take much.

The last Ravnica card with alternate art in the Chinese printings is another Greg Staples creation: Dimir Machinations. The brooding figure in the art has quite the skeletal face, which received a token coating of skin for the Chinese printing:

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