Exploring teams in a very Zviish decision-making scenario.

The Hex of the Two Heads

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Q: So what the hell are you doing here, Alongi?

Q: You're joking, right? You're going to do this column?

Q: And Zvi's off doing some non-sanctioned ridiculousness! That means I don't get my fix for serious strategy! What a rip-off!

Q: So what's the right play for me here: abandon this article right now; or read on and sacrifice my sanity for the sake of maturity?

Q: So how faithful are you going to be to Zvi's format?

Q: Cute. So when do you actually start earning your pay?

Q: How close is this game to over, and why?

Q: What is the biggest threat Laura and Mike face?

Q: What are all of the known ways for this threat to disappear?

Q: Which of these is the most likely to happen? And what does that have to do with Laura's most logical play?

Q: Okay. So of the two reasonable options for Laura, which is the better one?

Q: In how many ways does the team format impact this scenario – put another way, what new considerations arise in the move from duel to 2HG?

Q: So what really happened?

Q: You're kidding. This was so easy!

Q: Enough of this life-perspective nonsense. Zvi's coming back soon, right?

Anthony Alongi either works for Wizards or he doesn't. We're not sure anymore – hey, Zvi, was it you who wrote that JENNIFER SCALES series with his wife? And Anthony, why aren't you in the office today?

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