BoaB is back…and like you’ve never seen him before. Obey your budget Robot Overlord!

Building On No Budget

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BoaB, the Building on a Budget Robot, was introduced in my second column on this site. He immediately malfunctioned, and came back to haunt me at the end of my Exploding Wurms! Evolution. He returned after a long hiatus during my Double Life experiment, showed up as a Trick in my Halloween column, and came back for Christmas for my 8-Post column. BoaB is thoroughly evil and money-grubbing, and wants nothing more than to play the most teched-out, pimp-up Vintage-legal, Mox-laden, hyphenated deck out there. But, there's one question on the minds of everybody who reads this column:

What if Boab, the Building on a Budget Robot, hadn't malfunctioned at all?

 Was the above question on your mind?  
Yes, because I just read about it one sentence ago, fatty!
Yes, because I think BoaB the Robot is the best part of this column.
No, but I'm gonna play along anyhow and say yes.

Insert fade away dream sequence of your choice here.

What is 'What If?' Week?

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