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The following players finished first or second in a Northeast Challenge Qualifier on Nov. 18, 2007 and earned an invitation to the Northeast Challenge, to be held Friday, December 7 at 5 p.m. at the Jacob Javits Center. Players need to check in at the Public Events Tournament Registration desk by 4:45 p.m.

First Name Last Name Store Finish City State
Curtis Fox Wright Cards & Gaming 1 Danbury CT
Casey Prall Wright Cards & Gaming 2 Danbury CT
Jeffrey Kowalczyk The Grid 1 Manchester CT
Matthew Beverley The Grid 2 Manchester CT
Ernest Rosa Sam's Comic Bookshop 1 Meriden CT
Frank Koran Sam's Comic Bookshop 2 Meriden CT
Gary Fredericks Arkham Asylum 1 Norwich CT
justin brinner Arkham Asylum 2 Norwich CT
Corey Szamier Fables Comics & Collectibles 1 Southington CT
Michael Hanlon Fables Comics & Collectibles 2 Southington CT
Shawn Gorzkowski Days Of Knights 1 Newark DE
robert gildea Days Of Knights 2 Newark DE
Nick Coss Daytona Beach Ocean Cnt Conference Cnt 1 Daytona Beach FL
Christopher Sutton Daytona Beach Ocean Cnt Conference Cnt 2 Daytona Beach FL
Matthew Shea Battleground Games and Hobbies 1 Abington MA
Jason Laferte Battleground Games and Hobbies 2 Abington MA
Robby Connolly The Wizards Duel 1 Brockton MA
Lucas Glavin The Wizards Duel 2 Brockton MA
Robert Tatro Rising Phoenix Games 1 Cherry Valley MA
Kevin Peterson Rising Phoenix Games 2 Cherry Valley MA
Matthew Martins Loony Toonz 1 Fairhaven MA
Steven Sprouse Loony Toonz 2 Fairhaven MA
James Mankins Off the Wall 1 Hadley MA
Jeremy Dombek Off the Wall 2 Hadley MA
Dan Lewis Gamenight 1 Mashpee MA
Todd Ross Gamenight 2 Mashpee MA
Stefan Ellsworth TJ Collectibles 1 Milford MA
David Feinstein TJ Collectibles 2 Milford MA
Noel Prouly Stillpoint Comics 1 Somerset MA
Carl Harden Stillpoint Comics 2 Somerset MA
James Pirkey Your Move Games 1 Somerville MA
Chester Li Your Move Games 2 Somerville MA
Eric Rose Batter Up 1 Tewksbury MA
Joe Dubois Batter Up 2 Tewksbury MA
Nathaniel Chafe Games & Comics & Stuff 1 Baltimore MD
Steven Axtell Games & Comics & Stuff 2 Baltimore MD
Adam Hartzler Renaissance Games 1 Fallston MD
Conor Moran Renaissance Games 2 Fallston MD
Gavin Hagens Dream Wizards 1 Rockville MD
James Cannon Dream Wizards 2 Rockville MD
Justin Barker Comics Plus 1 Ellsworth ME
Nicholas Reynolds Comics Plus 2 Ellsworth ME
Jack Waite Zimmies Inc. 1 Lewiston ME
Larry Latham Zimmies Inc. 2 Lewiston ME
graham warne Eagle Hill 1 Presque Isle ME
Jerrold Harsh-Warne Eagle Hill 2 Presque Isle ME
John Huntley Crossroad Games 1 Standish ME
Aaron Lewis Crossroad Games 2 Standish ME
Louis Diodato Hillside Games 1 Ashville NC
Christopher Hutchins Hillside Games 2 Ashville NC
Joseph Pudgett Hypermind 1 Burlington NC
Zach Overman Hypermind 2 Burlington NC
David Brizzi Sci-Fi Genre Comics & Games 1 Durham NC
Everest Wu Sci-Fi Genre Comics & Games 2 Durham NC
Jeff Thompson Sammy's Baseball Cards 1 Forest City NC
Brandon Waters Sammy's Baseball Cards 2 Forest City NC
Alec Flint Mind Games 1 Greenville NC
Jeff Clement Mind Games 2 Greenville NC
Jonathan Trull Time Tunnel Comics 1 Hickory NC
Joshua Drum Time Tunnel Comics 2 Hickory NC
Cory Hill DJ's Cards & Stuff 1 High Point NC
Mike Burleson DJ's Cards & Stuff 2 High Point NC
Adam Justice The Toy Factory 1 Hillsborough NC
Jay Coe The Toy Factory 2 Hillsborough NC
Robert Gross Grand Slam Sports Cards 1 Jacksonville NC
Paul Whitley Grand Slam Sports Cards 2 Jacksonville NC
Mike Studley Hit Point Hobbies 1 Southern Pines NC
Jonathan Hsieh Hit Point Hobbies 2 Southern Pines NC
David Russ Gamer's Guild 1 Spring Lake NC
Oliver Russ Gamer's Guild 2 Spring Lake NC
Richard Vaillancourt Silver Dragon 1 Amherst NH
Anthony DiLorenzo Silver Dragon 2 Amherst NH
Michael Kelly Collectibles Unlimited 1 Concord NH
Chris Gosselin Collectibles Unlimited 2 Concord NH
James Burnham Myriad Games 1 Salem NH
Ian Johnson Myriad Games 2 Salem NH
Albert Pace Toys From The Attic 1 Somersworth NH
Chris Laskey Toys From The Attic 2 Somersworth NH
Charlie Szurnicki Jiffy Photo 1 Brick NJ
Keith Accisano Jiffy Photo 2 Brick NJ
Rogelio Badillo The Gamer's Gambit 1 Fair Lawn NJ
Paul Lake The Gamer's Gambit 2 Fair Lawn NJ
Ty Holden Timezone Gaming 1 Fords NJ
Oliver Greenwald Timezone Gaming 2 Fords NJ
Eddie Gamble Ron's Comic World 1 Mount Holly NJ
richard burns Ron's Comic World 2 Mount Holly NJ
Dave Mai Jester's Playhouse - Northfield 1 Northfield NJ
Tim Sussino Jester's Playhouse - Northfield 2 Northfield NJ
Spencer Reiss Little Shop Of Comics & Cards Too 1 Scotch Plains NJ
Eric Wenokor Little Shop Of Comics & Cards Too 2 Scotch Plains NJ
Chris Knecht The Stand 1 Brooklyn NY
michael kaynes Kings Games 1 Brooklyn NY
Alexander Drakh Kings Games 2 Brooklyn NY
WILLIAM MAU The Stand 2 Brooklyn NY
David Raczka Smitty's Cards & Coins 1 Canandaigua NY
David Cleveland Smitty's Cards & Coins 2 Canandaigua NY
Stefan Janiszewski Centerfield Cards & Comics 1 Endicott NY
Dante Thompson Centerfield Cards & Comics 2 Endicott NY
Blaine Campbell Jester's Cap Games 1 Lancaster NY
michael dio Jester's Cap Games 2 Lancaster NY
Steve Kaminski Golden Memories C & C 1 Mastic NY
Michael Lapine Golden Memories C & C 2 Mastic NY
John Naimoli ToyWiz 1 Nanuet NY
Noah Bacine ToyWiz 2 Nanuet NY
John Markham Killino's Cards & Coin 1 New Hartford NY
Joshua Monaski Killino's Cards & Coin 2 New Hartford NY
Sean McKeown Neutral Ground 1 New York NY
Axel Jensen Neutral Ground 2 New York NY
Justin Provost Ed & Mike's Cards & Collectibles 1 Plattsburgh NY
Andrew Watts Ed & Mike's Cards & Collectibles 2 Plattsburgh NY
James Ribis Millennium Games & Hobbies 1 Rochester NY
Kevin Hampton Millennium Games & Hobbies 2 Rochester NY
Nicholas Wowelko Play the Game Read the Story 1 Syracuse NY
Dana Jacobs Play the Game Read the Story 2 Syracuse NY
James White Aquilonia Comics, Cards & More 1 Troy NY
Chris Weber Aquilonia Comics, Cards & More 2 Troy NY
Chris Mascioli Mark's Comics & Collectibles 1 Valley Stream NY
Vincent Lovaglio Mark's Comics & Collectibles 2 Valley Stream NY
Alec Nezin Comic Book Depot 1 Wantagh NY
Joseph Stevens Comic Book Depot 2 Wantagh NY
robert gilmore Sanctuary Comics 1 Watertown NY
Earl Worcester Sanctuary Comics 2 Watertown NY
Edward Sterner The Portal Comics & Gaming 1 Bethlehem PA
Mark Sadowski The Portal Comics & Gaming 2 Bethlehem PA
Matthew Elias Alternate Universes Blue Bell 1 Blue Bell PA
Peter Grube Alternate Universes Blue Bell 2 Blue Bell PA
Kevin Ruse Roundtable Games & Stuff, Inc 1 Conshohocken PA
Evan Holmes Roundtable Games & Stuff, Inc 2 Conshohocken PA
Jason Vo Comic World 2 1 Dickson City PA
Tim Keefe Comic World 2 2 Dickson City PA
Antoine Antsis Cyborg One, Inc 1 Doylestown PA
Eli Evans Cyborg One, Inc 2 Doylestown PA
Shane Kelley Gateway Games 1 Erie PA
Antony Groh Gateway Games 2 Erie PA
Ken Adams Six Feet Under Games 1 New Holland PA
Zach Barker Six Feet Under Games 2 New Holland PA
Benjamin Peebles-Mundy Mr Nice Guy Games 1 Oakmont PA
Chris Ripple Mr Nice Guy Games 2 Oakmont PA
Robbie Hartman Game Masters 1 Pittsburgh PA
Jared Delmar Game Masters 2 Pittsburgh PA
Jamie Cuerden TDS Enterprises Presents Comics & Games 1 West Chester PA
Charles Hinkle TDS Enterprises Presents Comics & Games 2 West Chester PA
William Piasta 5 D's Collectibles & Gifts 1 Wyoming PA
Tyler Gaylets 5 D's Collectibles & Gifts 2 Wyoming PA
Josh Beverly Vintage Comics and Collectibles 1 Bristol VA
Kyle Jessee Vintage Comics and Collectibles 2 Bristol VA
Mark Shapiro The End Game Center 1 Charlottesville VA
Chad Pennell The End Game Center 2 Charlottesville VA
Ben Banbury-Hamm Time Capsule 1 Chester VA
Todd Scott Time Capsule 2 Chester VA
Ryan Reynolds Game Vault 1 Fredericksburg VA
Daniel Daubenspeck Game Vault 2 Fredericksburg VA
Matthew Harless Atomic Comics Emporium 1 Hampton VA
Joseph Drummond Atomic Comics Emporium 2 Hampton VA
Michael Rooks Richmond Comix 1 Midlothian VA
John Moody Richmond Comix 2 Midlothian VA
christopher Jones Comic Chest 1 Virginia Beach VA
Christopher Lynch Atlantis Comics 1 Virginia Beach VA
Daniel Samson Fantasy Escape Comics & Cards 1 Virginia Beach VA
Derrick Creamer Atlantis Comics - Va Beach 1 Virginia Beach VA
Brian Bachman Comic Chest 2 Virginia Beach VA
Brian Kelly Atlantis Comics 2 Virginia Beach VA
Brian Kelly Atlantis Comics - Va Beach 2 Virginia Beach VA
Erik Johnson Fantasy Escape Comics & Cards 2 Virginia Beach VA
Shane Hamm Cavalier Comics 1 Wise VA
Kelly Caudill Cavalier Comics 2 Wise VA
Michael Hetherington Gamers Grotto 1 Bennington VT
Michael Farrell Gamers Grotto 2 Bennington VT
tyler hobb Heroes Kingdom 1 St Albans VT
Jordon West Heroes Kingdom 2 St Albans VT
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