Matt rents a bus and takes the class on a field trip to artville.

Pack a Lunch, It’s a Field Trip!

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The letter I!n the last few weeks I have received many many emails asking where to go to see and/or buy Magic art. After typing out the same reply a handful of times, I decided to rent a bus and take all the Taste The Magic folks on a field trip to artville! Don’t worry about your permission slips, Rorix is driving, and he doesn’t care what your parents think!

If you would normally take ten or fifteen minutes to read my nerdly ramblings on Magic art- I say hop on the bus and spend ten to fifteen looking at the amazing creations of Magic artists from the old days all the way up ‘til now. If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably find yourself drooling at sweet hi-res images ‘til your eyes start drying out and your chin is soaked.

Hop on, and enjoy the ride!

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Adam Rex
Alan Pollack Gatherer
Alan Rabinowitz Gatherer
Aleksi Briclot Gatherer
Alex Horley-Orlandelli Gatherer
Amy Weber Gatherer
Andrew Goldhawk Gatherer
Anthony S. Waters Gatherer
April Lee Gatherer
Ben Thompson Gatherer
Bob Eggleton Gatherer
Bob Petillo Gatherer
Bradley Williams Gatherer
Brian Despain Gatherer
Brom Gatherer
Bryan Talbot Gatherer
Cara Mitten Gatherer
Carl Critchlow Gatherer
Carol Heyer Gatherer
Chris Appelhans Gatherer
Chris Dien Gatherer
Christopher Moeller Gatherer
Christopher Rush Gatherer
Ciruelo Gatherer
Claymore J. Flapdoodle See Phil Foglio Gatherer
Clyde Caldwell Gatherer
Colin MacNeil Gatherer
Cyril Van Der Haegen Gatherer
D. Alexander Gregory Gatherer
Dan Frazier Gatherer
Dan Scott Gatherer
Daren Bader Gatherer
Darrell Riche Gatherer
Dave Allsop Gatherer
Dave Dorman Gatherer
Dave Seeley Gatherer
David A. Cherry Gatherer
David Ho Gatherer
Dennis Detwiller Gatherer
Dom! Gatherer
Don Hazeltine Gatherer
Donato Giancola Gatherer
Douglas Shuler Gatherer
Drew Tucker
Edward P. Beard, Jr. Gatherer
Eric Peterson Gatherer
Erica Gassalasca-Jape See Heather Hudson Gatherer
Francis Tsai Gatherer
Frank Kelly Freas Gatherer
Franz Vohwinkel Gatherer
George Pratt Gatherer
Glen Angus Gatherer
Greg Hildebrandt See Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Gatherer
Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Gatherer
Greg Spalenka Gatherer
Greg Staples Gatherer
Harold McNeill Gatherer
Heather Hudson Gatherer
Hideaki Takamura Gatherer
Hugh Jamieson Gatherer
Ittoku Gatherer
James Wong Gatherer
Janine Johnston Gatherer
Jason Alexander Behnke Gatherer
Jeff A. Menges Gatherer
Jeff Easley Gatherer
Jeff Miracola Gatherer
Jeremy Jarvis Gatherer
Jim Murray Gatherer
Jim Pavelec Gatherer
Jock Gatherer
Joel Thomas Gatherer
John Avon Gatherer
John Bolton Gatherer
John Coulthart Gatherer
Jon Foster Gatherer
Julie Baroh Gatherer
Justin Hampton Gatherer
Justin Sweet Gatherer
Kaja Foglio Gatherer
Keith Garletts Gatherer
Ken Meyer, Jr. Gatherer
Kensuke Okabayashi Gatherer
Kev Brockschmidt Gatherer
Kevin Dobler Gatherer
Khang Le Gatherer
Kipling West Gatherer
L. A. Williams Gatherer
Larry Elmore Gatherer
Liam Sharp Gatherer
Liz Danforth
Lou Harrison Gatherer
Marcelo Vignali Gatherer
Margaret Organ-Kean Gatherer
Mark Brill Gatherer
Mark Romanoski Gatherer
Mark Tedin Gatherer
Mark Zug Gatherer
Martin McKenna Gatherer
Martina Pilcerova Gatherer
Matt Cavotta Gatherer
Matt Stawicki Gatherer
Matthew D. Wilson Gatherer
Melissa A. Benson Gatherer
Michael Phillippi Gatherer
Michael Sutfin Gatherer
Michael Whelan Gatherer
Mike Kimble Gatherer
Mike Raabe Gatherer
Mitch Cotie Gatherer
Monte Michael Moore Gatherer
Nelson DeCastro Gatherer
NéNé Thomas Gatherer
Nottsuo Gatherer
Paolo Parente Gatherer
Phil Foglio Gatherer
Puddnhead Gatherer
Quinton Hoover Gatherer
Ralph Horsley Gatherer
Randy Asplund-Faith Gatherer
Randy Gallegos Gatherer
Ray Lago Gatherer
Rebecca Guay Gatherer
Richard Sardinha Gatherer
rk post
Rob Alexander Gatherer
Roger Raupp Gatherer
Ron Chironna Gatherer
Ron Spears Gatherer
Ron Walotsky Gatherer
Ruth Thompson Gatherer
Scott M. Fischer Gatherer
Shishizaru Gatherer
Simon Bisley Gatherer
Stephan Martiniere Gatherer
Stephanie Law Gatherer
Stephen Daniele Gatherer
Susan Van Camp Gatherer
Ted Naifeh Gatherer
Terese Nielsen Gatherer
Thomas Gianni Gatherer
Thomas M. Baxa Gatherer
Tim Hildebrandt See Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Gatherer
Todd Lockwood Gatherer
Tom Fleming Gatherer
Tom Kyffin Gatherer
Tony DiTerlizzi Gatherer
Val Mayerik Gatherer
Vance Kovacs Gatherer
Wayne Reynolds Gatherer
William Simpson Gatherer
Zina Saunders Gatherer
Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai Gatherer
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