Timmy, Johnny, and Spike Revisited

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Welcome to the updated Timmy, Johnny & Spike Test. All you need to do is answer two questions.

Question #1: Of the following cards, choose the five cards you most enjoy playing with:

Angel of Despair Char Circu, Dimir Lobotomist
Dark Confidant Debtors' Knell Dimir Cutpurse
Dimir Doppelganger Djinn Illuminatus Doubling Season
Firemane Angel Followed Footsteps Ghost Council of Orzhova
Ghostway Giant Solifuge Gleancrawler
Glimpse the Unthinkable Hatching Plans Helldozer
Hunted Dragon Leyline of the Void Life from the Loam
Lightning Helix Mimeofacture Moldervine Cloak
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Quicken Rumbling Slum
Skeletal Vampire Stitch in Time Warp World

Question #2: From the following list, choose the top three reasons why you like to play Magic:

I enjoy the art I enjoy attacking with big creatures
I enjoy being the best at something I enjoy the challenges of deck building
I enjoy the community I enjoy the competition
I enjoy the cool card interactions I enjoy creating innovative decks
I enjoy the depth of strategy I enjoy the fantasy flavor
I enjoy flaunting my victories I enjoy hanging out with my friends
I enjoy how each game is different I enjoy how the game keeps changing
I enjoy making money playing a game I enjoy the mental challenge
I enjoy showing off my deck I enjoy smashing my opponents
I enjoy winning in creative ways I enjoy winning in any way

Hello! This test has stopped working at some point, possibly because it was written using the website technology as it stood in 2006. Sorry about that! Of course, taking it properly required a certain amount of familiarity with the cards listed, so it probably wouldn't be that informative now anyway.

To skip the test and go on to the article (which is one of Mark Rosewater's best), click here!

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