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Nights of the Round Table

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The letter W!elcome to What If… Week! In honor of the alternate reality craziness that is Planar Chaos, we've decided to have a theme week all about alternate realities. Not one alternate reality mind you, but every column this week will be exploring a different what if scenario. And for each one, the author was allowed to pick the what if situation he wanted.

As a Monday columnist I get the chance to start this ball rolling, so let me begin by telling you my what if:

What if… (and "Making Magic") had been around in Magic's early days?

You see, I had always wondered what early Magic would had been like if (and well I guess the internet as we know it today) was around when Magic began. My column today is a glimpse at what that might have been like. In case you need it, here's a link to the Arabian Nights sortable spoiler. You'll understand why in a second.

Click here to see that glimpse.

What is 'What If?' Week?

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