More Magic trivia in honor of the World Championships and Question Mark, including a tidbit about Morningtide.

What Do You Know, Part II

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The letter W!elcome to Part II. If you're asking Part II of what, I'll have to refer you to my column of two weeks ago. (Obviously, What Do You Know, Part I.)Today I am going to finish up my trivia romp through the expansions. But before I do let me address a few issues from the first half.

First up:

Question #4 (Legends)

What ability appears for the first time in Magic in Legends on one creature, yet there are two other cards in the set that neutralize the ability?

While I didn't get the question wrong, many readers pointed out that I didn't list all the cards capable of getting or granting plainswalk. The two most referenced cards (though not the only ones):

I particularly feel bad about missing the Slug.

Question #17 (Portal Second Age)

What real-world item appears in numerous Portal Second Age illustrations but never in the art of another Magic expansion?

This is the classic mistake I tend to make in my trivia questions. I make the question absolute when I don't have to. The question should have been "What real-world item was a part of the Portal Second Age style guide and shows up on numerous illustrations in the set yet has never purposefully been used in the world development of any other Magic world (although a few individual artists might have snuck one in)?"

Yes, it turns out that a few guns have found there way into art even thought Wizards has made a conscious choice not to use guns in settings. The two that were brought up the most in threads and emails were these two:

Finally, a number of readers complained that the article was a little light on design info, you know, the theme of MakingMagic. I've made an effort to fit in a few more design stories this week.

That being said, on with the trivia:

Question #28 (Apocalypse)

What cycle of creatures from Apocalypse were nicknamed the "Lego creatures" in design?

Click here for the answer.

Question #29 (Odyssey)

Two cards in Odyssey use art that is cropped from one larger picture. In fact, a small piece of the larger art can be seen in both pieces. What are the two cards?

Click here for the answer.

Question #30 (Torment)

One legendary creature in Torment is of a creature type not found anywhere else in the Odyssey block. What creature is it?

Click here for the answer.

Question #31 (Judgment)

To stress the green-white theme of Judgment, the design team decided to only put green/white gold cards in the set. One of these cards was a redesign based on an artifact from Alpha that I had fond memories of. What is the gold card from Judgment and what was its Alpha inspiration?

Click here for the answer.

Question #32 (Onslaught)

The art for the Onslaught version of Shock shows the spell hitting a famous tournament-caliber Magic creature. What's the creature?

Click here for the answer.

Question #33 (Legions)

The small sets for many years leading up to Legions had 143 cards. Legions had 145. Why?

Click here for the answer.

Question #34 (Scourge)

Scourge was the "dragon set." How many Dragons are in Scourge? (Note: I'm asking for how many creatures in the set have the word dragon on their card type line.)

Click here for the answer.

Question #35 (Mirrodin)

Hall of Famer Gary WiseEvery year at the Magic Invitational all sixteen invitees turn in the card they want to see printed as their prize if they win the event. Each winner has had their card made (or an alternative if R&D rejects their initial card) save Antoine Ruel and Tiago Chan, whose cards have not yet made it to print. Tsuyoshi Fujita had his card (Gemstones Cavern) printed because we ran a promotion one year where the audience got to pick a submitted card they wanted to see get printed. Other than these cards, only one other Invitational submission has ever seen print. This card was in Mirrodin and was R&D's tweaked version of the card submitted by Pro Tour Hall of Famer Gary Wise. What is the card?

Click here for the answer.

Question #36 (Darksteel)

A classic cycle from Alpha was updated in Darksteel. Name the five cards from the cycle.

Click here for the answer.

Question #37 (Fifth Dawn)

The Fifth Dawn was the dawn of the fifth what? For bonus points, what color was it?

Click here for the answer.

Question #38 (Champions of Kamigawa)

This Champions of Kamigawa card has reminder text which is fourteen times as long as its rules text. What is the card?

Click here for the answer.

Question #39 (Unhinged)

Other than their creature type, what mechanical connection did all the donkeys in Unhinged share?

Click here for the answer.

Question #40 (Betrayers of Kamigawa)

We often repeat cards. We much less frequently repeat cycles, especially in expert expansions. What five-card cycle was repeated in Betrayers of Kamigawa?

Click here for the answer.

Question #41 (Saviors of Kamigawa)

An Alpha misprint was the first card to leave this thing off unintentionally. Saviors of Kamigawa was the first to do it intentionally. What am I talking about and what Saviors card did it?

Click here for the answer.

Question #42 (Ravnica)

The frames used for the hybrid cards weren't designed for hybrid. What were they designed for?

Click here for the answer.

Question #43 (Guildpact)

Here's Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind.

When you translate his flavor text, what does it say?

Click here for the answer.

Question #44 (Dissension)

One of the Dissension split cards used a combination of names originally destined for the Invasion card Assault // Battery (or as I call it, Assault & Battery). Which split card is it?

Click here for the answer.

Question #45 (Coldsnap)

In the original announcement for Coldsnap (you know, the one where Randy Buehler explained we found the lost file in one of Richard Garfield's old filing cabinets), Randy put in a lot of clues that something wasn't quite right with the story. One such detail was the codename for Coldsnap. What was it?

Click here for the answer.

Question #46 (Time Spiral)

What Time Spiral card mashed together a rare Legends creature and an uncommon Mirage sorcery?

Click here for the answer.

Question #47 (Planar Chaos)

While the cards in Planar Chaos show many alternate realities, one alternate reality shows up on multiple cards. What happens in that reality?

Click here for the answer.

Question #48 (Future Sight)

What mechanic in Future Sight shows up in a vertical cycle—that is, on a three-card cycle of which one is common, one is uncommon, and one is rare?

Click here for the answer.

Question #49 (Lorwyn)

Which of the following appeared for the first time in Lorwyn? (And yes, multicolor creatures count for purposes of this question.)

White Giant
White Merfolk
White Treefolk
Blue Elemental
Black Elf
Black Goblin
Black Faerie
Green Kithkin

Click here for the answer.

Question #50 (Morningtide)

What is the theme of Morningtide?

Click here for the answer.

That's all the trivia I have for now. I hope you've enjoyed our little romp through the ins and outs of Magic through the years. Let me know if you'd like to see more (or not see more) in the future.

Join me next week when I examine how a creature's bark can be worse than its bite.

Until then, may recognize that in life the little things matter.

Mark Rosewater

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