Noah wraps up his time at Limited Information with an unusual event.

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The letter U!nfortunately, my time with this column has come to an end. For those wondering why, I’m stepping down due to a new position with the Wizards of the Coast R&D department. Being an employee prevents any kind of sanctioned event, online or otherwise. The column has continued with some theory and non-sanctioned drafting fun, but that’s a tough pace to keep up. You guys deserve someone who can stay current with new sets and new technology, and as I move further into the Wizards position, it’s going to become apparent that person isn’t me. That being said, I would like to end on a high note. While being a company man prevents your run-of-the-mill drafting, it does come with a few perks as well. Example? Well, click here to see…

When you’re done with that excitement, click here to see what happened.

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