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The letter T!he gears were turning as soon as the Pro Tour started video coverage in 2004. Then Evan Erwin made waves with his Magic Show format on YouTube, with YouTube Pro Tour coverage not too far behind. What a fascinating medium! While I appreciate the written word on an almost visceral level, who can deny the possibilities when one incorporates "moving pictures" with "mp3 compression"? I had wanted to visit the video format for some time, well over a year ago in fact. But technology and other (better?) topics had prevented the medium from taking hold. And there was still that technological issues. Kelly Digges and Scott Johns were as eager to penetrate the video frontier as the next person, but we really wanted some kind of model to emulate. Was anyone out there producing quality limited video walkthroughs? It turns out there was. had fully embraced the video format, and graciously helped set up a very "homegrown" screen capture / recording station.

My goals for the walkthrough were simple: Discuss thoughts and plans as they occured while drafting / playing. Ideally there would be a sort of steam of consciousness, where the listener would simply follow along as ideas were being formed and implemented. A lofty goal perhaps, but the potential was thrilling. Although it turned out those aspirations were a bit high, the process was exceptionally instructive. But we'll get to that a little later.

There were some individual card choices that were definitely judgment calls in the draft, but I like the way options were kept open as long as possible. Admittedly a lot of the cards fell into our lap, and there wasn't a great time to color-shift, but there were concentrated efforts to stay receptive. In particular, knowledge on how distasteful black-white was as a color combination contributed greatly to the odd-but-effective double splash note the deck ended on. A third pick Vivid Creek is fairly unusual, but given the circumstances it seemed like the right call, and it worked out. Here's the final deck.

Solid enough. Weak in tribal synergies, but with enough power elements to put it in the "above average" camp. How did it perform? See for yourself.

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