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With Pro Tour-Los Angeles barely in the rearview mirror and the Pro Tour Qualifier season starting up in earnest, you'd think that might be enough to satisfy your Extended cravings. Oh, how wrong you'd be. Our globe-trotting coverage staff scattered across the world to bring you reports from Grand Prix in Melbourne, Kitakyuushuu, and Copenhagen. Did Boros Deck Wins continue its success from L.A.? What about the many shades of Psychatog? What about new tech? Read the coverage and make your own decisions!

Grand Prix-Melbourne

The ubiquitous Dr. Teeth chomped up the competition as James Zhang used a Psychatog deck -- which looked very familiar to what won Pro Tour-Los Angeles -- to defeat Paul Chalder and win Grand Prix-Melbourne.

Grand Prix-Kitakyuushuu

Once again, a Grand Prix in Japan ended up with one of the most powerful Top 8s in history. A total of 56 career GP Top 8s could be found battling out for supremacy, but in the end it was Tomohiro Kaji and his Scepter-Chant putting down Ryo Ogura's Tog for the Grand Prix-Kitakyuushuu trophy.

Grand Prix-Copenhagen

World Champion Julien Nuijten captured his second Grand Prix title in the last three months, thanks to the friendly Psychatog. Nuijten defeated amateur Kim Valori in the finals of Grand Prix-Copenhagen to provide the champ some real momentum heading toward the 2005 World Championships.

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