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Magic Scholarship Series

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Thank you for supporting the Magic Scholarship Series. Wizards of the Coast has decided to revamp our Organized Play offerings in 2008 in order to make Magic available to the most players possible. We will be increasing our reach to more play outlets with the goal of using a redesigned age limited program as part of new local programs across the world. Considering this, and the limited amount of participation due to age restrictions, we are discontinuing the Scholarship Series in its current form.

We are excited about the changes in our programs this year, and hope that you will check out for news about the new programs and outlets through 2008 and beyond.

If you have won a scholarship through the Wizards of the Coast Magic Scholarship Series or Junior Super Series program prior to September 1, 2007, your scholarship will be held in trust until you reach the age of 25. If your scholarship is not claimed by that time, it will be forfeit. Scholarships are paid directly to the winner’s school, and are solely intended to be used for tuition or other education expenses at US accredited institutions. For information on accessing your scholarship, please contact Wizards of the Coast® customer service at (800) 324-6496, or send email to us via the form at

2007 MSS champion Greg Poverelli.

2007 Magic Scholarship Series

2006 JSS champion Arthur Stewart.

Junior Super Series History

Past JSS champions
JSS champions Edward Solis, Mitch Towner, Jeff Garza, and Jeff Rabovsky.
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