Magic Pro Tour Player Cards

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The letter T!he Magic Pro Tour provides a worldwide stage to play Magic in foreign lands and exotic locales for thousands of dollars in prize money. And if you’re good enough, you get your own card.

Wizards of the Coast is placing one Player Card in each Time Spiral Tournament Pack, Theme Deck and Fat Pack as an additional card (each pack will still contain the same number of Magic cards as previous packs). Thirty players are featured in the set, including all five 2005 Hall of Fame inductees, 2005 Player of the Year Kenji Tsumura, 2005 World Champion Katsuhiro Mori, and many others. The front of each card features a portrait of the player and his national flag, with the back filled with career statistics and personal data.

2006 Player Cards
Jon Finkel* Darwin Kastle* Tommi Hovi* Alan Comer* Olle Råde*
Antonino De Rosa Rich Hoaen Osyp Lebedowicz Masashi Oiso Geoffrey Siron
Gerard Fabiano Craig Jones Katsuhiro Mori Neil Reeves Jon Sonne
Tsuyoshi Fujita Tomohiro Kaji Shuhei Nakamura Carlos Romão Gadiel Szleifer
Sam Gomersall Frank Karsten Gabriel Nassif Antoine Ruel Kenji Tsumura
Mark Herberholz Shu Komuro Julien Nuijten Olivier Ruel Jelger Wiegersma

*Denotes 2005 Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame class

Catch these top Pros and many others at these upcoming stops on the Magic Pro Tour.

Date Event Format Prize Payout
February 9-11, 2007 Geneva, Switzerland Time Spiral Booster Draft $240,245
April 20-22, 2007 Yokohama, Japan Time Spiral Block Constructed $240,245
June 29-July 1, 2007 San Diego, USA Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft $240,500
October 12-14, 2007 Valencia, Spain Extended $240,245
tbd World Championships-North America Mixed Special

To see how some of your favorite players have done this season, look back at coverage from major recent events.

For daily coverage of the Magic Pro Tour, visit the Tournament Center at

So, do you think you’re ready to play on the Pro Tour? Locate a Pro Tour Qualifier near you and get into the game!

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