Barcelona, February 4 – 7, 1999

Format of Duelist Invitational

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The preliminary rounds of the Duelist Invitational will be fifteen matches (best two out of three) with each player facing off against every other player once. The two players with the best record at the end of the fifteen rounds will meet in a three out of five duel final match. The fifteen rounds will consist of five different formats: three constructed and two limited. Each format will be used for three matches.

Constructed Formats

You will need to construct the following three decks for the Invitational:

1) Standard - The following sets will be used for this format: Fifth Edition, Urza’s Saga, Exodus, Stronghold, Tempest. This format will follow the banned list as of January 1, 1999.

2) Classic – All tournament legal expansions will be used for this format. This format will use the banned and restricted list as of January 1, 1999.

3) Refined Extended – For this format you must make a deck of exactly sixty cards with a sideboard of exactly fifteen cards. The seventy five cards must be created using exactly five cards from each of the following sets: Fifth Edition, Fourth Edition, Chronicles, Urza’s Saga, Exodus, Stronghold, Tempest, Weatherlight, Visions, Mirage, Alliances, Homelands, Ice Age, Fallen Empires, The Dark. You may not include more than four copies of any non-basic land card in your deck and sideboard. Your 60-card deck and 15-card sideboard must include exactly five cards from each of the above fifteen sets. Cards that appear in more than one set must be counted against one of the sets it appears in. Basic land must also be counted against one of the sets used. For example, your Fifth Edition allotment of five cards could include: Disenchant, White Knight, two Crusades, and a plains. This format will use the banned list from January 1, 1999.

Limited Formats

All limited events will have a forty card deck minimum size restriction. The following are the limited formats used at the 1999 Duelist Invitational:

1) Duplicate - All competitors will receive an identical card mix from which to construct their deck.

2) Booster Draft – The following card sets (in the following draft order) will be used in this format: Urza’s Saga, Urza’s Legacy, Urza’s Legacy. The booster draft will be held on Saturday, Feb. 6, the same day as the prerelease tournament.

Any questions on format can be directed to Mark Rosewater.

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