Paul Rietzl Wins It All

The 2004 North American Challenge

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124 players competed in Milford, MA in the finals of the NAC circuit. Each of them received a prize – players at the bottom of the standings receiving at least a pair of draft sets. Rietzl earned $2500 for his efforts.

Rietzl entered the top 8 as second seed with a 6-1 record. His affinity deck defeated two bad matchups in the last two rounds – both Tom Guevin and finalist Domenic Minicucci were playing Elf and Nail decks.

Paul Rietzl cements his place among the game's pros with this performance. He earned top 8 finishes in Grand Prix: Anaheim and Grand Prix: Oakland earlier this year, and had a string of Pro Tour money finishes this season

  • Decklists: Top 32 Decklists
    by Event Coverage Staff
  • Finals: Paul Rietzl (Academy Games) vs. Domenic Minicucci (Larry’s Comics)
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Overcoming All Obstacles: The Mike Olivson Story
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Semifinals: Tom Guevin (Games Heaven) vs. Paul Rietzl (Academy Games)
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Quarterfinals: Jacob Bruce (Crossroad Games) vs. Domenic Minicucci (Barrons Comics & Games)
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Round 7: Ray Tautic (Barrons Comics & Games) vs, Richard Shay (Collector’s Guild)
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Round 6: Adam Chambers (2003 Winner) vs. Jonathan Morawski (Gamer’s Heaven)
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Round 5: Ray Tautic (Barron’s Cards and Comics) vs. Sean Morgan (Crossroad Games)
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Round 4: Raymond Clavette (Card Empire) vs. Gerard Fabiano (Gray Matter Conventions)
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Round 3: Justin Bransfield (Dragon’s Den) vs. Mike Olivson (Kings Games)
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Round 2: Paul Rietzl (Academy Games) vs. Pete Guevin (Larry’s Comics)
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Round 1: Mike McGee (Star City Games) vs. Ben Caless (Academy Games)
    by Alex Shvartsman
  • Feature: The History of the North American Challenge
    by Tom Shea
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