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Ninth Edition Sortable Spoiler

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Ninth Edition

The letter B!ecause readers have sometimes had trouble finding the spoilers for new sets, or commented that they didn’t know when the spoiler would be going up on the site, we will now be posting the spoiler for each new set on the Monday after set previews. To increase visibility we’ll be posting it in the Feature Article slot on the site’s front page. Here then is the sortable spoiler list for Ninth Edition. Enjoy!

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Finally, here are the answers to last week's article:

1. Zodiac Monkey 2. Spirit Link
3. Web 4. Withering Gaze
5. Zur's Weirding 6. Tree Monkey
7. Temporal Adept 8. Sleight of Hand
9. Serra Angel 10. Sandstone Warrior
11. Sift 12. Scaled Wurm
13. Sudden Impact 14. Threaten
15. Urza's Mine 16. Will-o'-the-Wisp
17. Yawgmoth Demon 18. Sea's Claim
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