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Coldsnap Orb of Insight

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Coldsnap Orb of Insight - Click to launchThe Orb of Insight is back!

The official spoiler list for Coldsnap doesn't publish until July 10th, and's two weeks of previews begin June 26, but the Orb of Insight knows the set now!

So, this is your chance to explore the world of Coldsnap before the preview articles have even begun. Just type in a word (or number) and the Orb tells you how many times that word appears in Coldsnap cards. It doesn't count flavor text, so any results you get come from card titles, mana costs (using letters for mana cost, so counterspell would be "UU" for example), card types, rules text, reminder text, artist credits, and power/toughness.

With infinite monkeys and infinite time, the Orb can tell you the entire set minus the flavor text. What will you find this time? To be honest, even us Wizards of the Coast employees don't always know what you'll discover, but we love to give you the chance.

If you hurry, you might even finish before the Prerelease Event!

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