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10 & 11 March 2007

Format: Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck
Tournament Location:
PTA Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
Piet Heinkade 27
1019 BR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

10 Years of Grand Prix !

Grand Prix are the most exciting events the DCI offers. They're high-energy celebrations of Magic, held around the world.

The main event is all about competition, but there are also plenty of other reasons to come. Grand Prix’s in Europe are true Magic events. Besides the main tournaments, there’s plenty of excitement throughout the weekend that you can enjoy… Side events, Magic artists on site to sign your Magic cards, gunslinging against the pro’s, and lots more…

But hey, wait! Isn’t it the one and only anniversary Grand Prix? There’s got to be some more special stuff going on…

Indeed, on Friday, the site will open at 4pm for even more fun! You will have the opportunity to play against several former GP Winners and High Level Pro Players who have been invited for the occasion. There will also be a players’ party in a friendly and cosy atmosphere. And finally, for the first time, there will be a Magic Talk Show hosted for the occasion with the biggest names in the game, such as Gabriel Nassif, Raphaël Lévy, Frank Karsten and others to be confirmed! So make sure you plan your trip in advance!

Important Update:
Life totals for Grand Prix-Amsterdam will start at 30 life. You can read the DCI announcement about this change here.

Tournament Format And Schedule

  • Tournament Format: 2-headed Giant Sealed Deck (Time Spiral tournament pack and 1 Booster Time Spiral and 3 Planar Chaos boosters)
  • Participation Fee: € 40 / Team

  • Preregistration: No pre-registration, the tournament is open for everyone.

  • Registration:
    Friday 9 March: from 4:00 to 8:00 P.M.
    Saturday 10 March: from 8:00 to 9:00 A.M.
  • Tournament begins: 10:00 A.M.. The Top 32 (or 64) Teams advance to compete on Sunday.
  • Sunday 11 March: The top 32 (or 64) teams begin play at 8:00 A.M. (Timespiral / Planar Chaos 2 HG Boosterdraft)

The main tournament at Grand Prix–Amsterdam is open to Magic players of all ages.

Tournament Structure
  • Modified Swiss-style (50-minute rounds).
  • The Top 64 players (or 128 if 800 or more Teams registered for the main event) advance to the second day of competition for prizes and invitations.
  • The top 16 Players will receive invitations to Pro Tour San Diego
Tournament Divisions and Prizes
There's the standard “main-tournament” prize schedule as well as a special “Amateur" prize schedule. The Amateur prizes will be paid to the highest-finishing amateur players in addition to any winnings those players receive from the main tournament prize schedule. All prizes are in U.S. Dollars.

Amateur Status A team is considered to have Amateur status if all of the individual members of the team have Amateur status (i.e., all members of the team have never participated in a Pro Tour or World Championship event).

Tournament Byes (Byes are not cumulative throughout the season or year)
Byes will be given to teams in the Grand Prix based on the following criteria:

Second-Round Byes
Teams with 6 or more combined Pro Club levels. Teams with an average Two-Headed Giant Limited rating between the 2 team members of 1700 or higher. Byes do not pass down under any circumstances. Byes are based on DCI Constructed ratings published on March 7, 2007.

Winners of Grand Prix–Amsterdam Trial Tournaments

First-Round Byes
Teams with 3 or more combined Pro Club levels.
Teams with an average Two-Headed Giant Limited rating between the 2 team members of 1650 or higher. Byes do not pass down under any circumstances. Byes are based on DCI Constructed ratings published on March 7, 2007.

Pro Point Distribution

Side Events:

Click here for the side events schedule

Side entertainment

Besides the main tournament and plenty of side events, GP Athens has a lot to offer.
  • Get you cards signed!
    Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai and Rob Alexander will be on site throughout the weekend to sign your favorite cards.

  • Pros will be available on Sunday for gunslinging
    Are you courageous enough to challenge them? If the pleasure of playing is insufficient to motivate you, know that there are also boosters to win for those who are able to prevail in one of these friendly yet fierce confrontations. The following Pro's can be found regulary at the gunslinging table: ex.Tiago Chan, Raphaël Levy, Frank Karsten, ....

  • Win a trip to the next European GP in 2007
    Fill in the contest voucher on site (Saturday only) and maybe you will win a trip to the next European Grand Prix of 2007 (travel + hotel) or one of the many other Magic prizes.

  • Moxradio brings you the action… live!
    Richard Hagon and Dave Sutcliffe bring you Pro interviews, strategy, match reports, updates, and commentary throughout the weekend.

  • Read all about GP Amsterdam in the Gazetteer
    The Gazetteer

    Pages: 1,2,3,4

  • Want to be a Magic judge?
    Then take a judge test on site and maybe you’ll be attending the next Grand Prix as a certified judge.

Travel Information:

By plane: Fly in to Amsterdam Schiphol, take the train to Amsterdam Centraal, then 10 minutes on foot to the venue

Public Transport:http://www.9292ov.nl

There is a parking under the PTA at 2,50€ per hour.
Maximum 25€ per day.
Open from 07:00 to 01:00 to enter. 24/24 to exit.
More info here

Contact Information

Do You have any comments or suggestions? Drop them in the Idea Box that you'll find at the tournament site.

For more information on the GP
Tel: +32 70/233.277
e-mail: DCIeurope@hasbro.be

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