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Jim Murray

Jim Murray"Born in 1972, I spent some years in England's Westcountry (specifically North Dorset), drawing and painting from an early age. After attending a visual media course in Bournemouth (and having met some of the finest people who continue to keep me honest to this day) I considered myself adept enough with storyboarding to get a job illustrating for the 'Galaxy's Greatest Comic' (2000AD for the uninitiated.) A year later, during which much time was spent knocking out spec scripts and trying to evade my dole officer, I finally landed that first job, a story called 'Harmony' for the 'Judge Dredd Megazine'. The commissions kept coming, over the next few years I illustrated characters such as Holocaust 12, Slaine and Judge Dredd, culminating in two fully painted 48 page graphic novels. The first was a 'Judge Dredd Batman' crossover called 'Die Laughing' published in 1998, the follow-up an Elseworlds book for DC Comics, 'Batman Demon' in 1999. Other work in this period included props and promotional pieces for the excellent Channel 4 TV series 'Spaced' and a 25 x 50 foot canvas backdrop for the Prodigy (completed in spray-paint with fellow 2000AD artist and friend Jason Brashill.)

"In 2000 I began working as a concept artist for video games, first with Virgin studios in London, then three years later for Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M) in Montreal. During this time I began freelancing for Wizards of the Coast painting Magic cards, a privilege that I continue to enjoy to this day. I am also currently working on a creator owned graphic novel with 2000AD and Wildstorm regular Robbie Morrison.

"I live in Montreal with my lovely partner Annabel and my equally lovely two daughters Rebecca and Jaimie."

For a complete list of Jim Murray's Magic cards, see the Gatherer card database.


Chippy "Originally from Scotland, for the moment I now reside in Melbourne Australia with my partner Elaine. I've been involved in Magic for quite a while now, on and off as an illustrator since Mirage, and behind the scenes as a concept artist during the development of Urza's Saga (I helped concept the look and feel of the Phyrexian menace).

"After a brief affair with computer games I got back to the pen and paper industry in 2004. Working again with great companies like Privateer Press, Upper Deck and of course Wizards of the Coast. Last September I had the privilege of going behind the scenes of Magic again when Jeremy Jarvis invited me out to Wizards to help concept for the coming block.

"Along the way I've been lucky enough to have pieces included in Spectrum, Expose, and Into the Pixel (E3's art show). Oh, and I've literally just started a blog (my apologies for the mess while it gets on its feet), which can be found at - ."

For a complete list of Chippy's Magic cards, see the Gatherer card database.

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