Listen in for a full recap of Pro Tour–Hollywood, including an interview with winner Charles Gindy.

Pro Tour–Hollywood in Review

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The letter C!atch up on all the top stories and developing metagame from Pro Tour–Hollywood. Let Richard Hagon be your guide through the second Pro Tour of the 2008 season. If you're not a regular reader of event coverage, this is a great starting place to learn the top players and storylines that have shaped this season. With exclusive player interviews, analysis of deckbuilding strategies, explanations of formats and the PT season, and much more, it's a cornucopia of information.


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  • From Prelude to the Precipice (20.6 MB)
  • More than 370 players showed up in Hollywood with dreams of Pro Tour glory. This episode takes you from the first match all the way up to the Top 8 semifinals.

  • Gindy's Hollywood Ending (21.5 MB)
  • Here's your full recap of the finals match between Charles Gindy and Jan Ruess, plus an in-depth interview with the winner recorded moments after his victory.


  • Friday, 10:30 a.m.: Pre-Production (15.7 MB)
  • The lights, the scenery, and the props are in place. Now it's the time for the actors to go in front of the cameras and strut their stuff. As befits a tumultuous shakeup of Standard, we talk to everyone and everything that moves in the infamous Metagame Runaround, featuring a host of stars on the red carpet walk to Round One.

  • Friday, 2:20 p.m.: LA 3.0 (13.5 MB)
  • Big chats with big cats, as we swing with the hipsters living it large, as we don't say in Britain. Plus the story of Round 3, a tale so vast it seems certain to encompass at least one money-spinning sequel.

  • Friday, 2:21 p.m.: LA 3.0 II - The Revenge (13.1 MB)
  • Taking up the story just moments after the first epic concluded, an all-star cast headed up by US heartthrob Jake van Lunen and thinking woman's player du jour Guillaume Wafo-Tapa continue their quest for a perfect 3-0 record.

  • Friday, 8:01 p.m.: The Color of Magic (15.1 MB)
  • Turns out, the color of Magic may just be all five, as a superb new deck has hit our radar screens. Headlined by Constructed Mr.Box Office Guillaume Wafo-Tapa, plus both Ruel brothers and main creator Swiss player Manuel Bucher, this five-color monstrosity looks poised to raise the Standard bar, with GW-T right on top of the pile as we head for eight more rounds Saturday. Join us then!

  • Saturday, 11:03 a.m.: Return of the Jedi (12.9 MB)
  • 371 players sat down to do battle on Day One. Now the masters of the game come back for more. More Elves, more Faeries, more Wafo-Tapa, more Nakamura, more Carvalho, more tokens, more Counterspells, more best game on Earth.

  • Saturday, 4:00 p.m.: And the Clock Strikes Thirteen (16.2 MB)
  • Now you're talking: We've had the exposition. We've met the leading characters. We know we're watching a thriller. And as we showcase Rounds 12 and 13, we have plot twists galore. Time for things to get tight as the mighty fall and legends are, if not made, at least tentatively scripted. Day Two just got a whole lot better. Top 8 - coming soon to a webcast near you!

  • Saturday, 6:36 p.m.: The Final Cut (16.4 MB)
  • Pair me up, pair me down. The tension of the Swiss rounds reaches critical as all bar one outstanding Japanese Pro plays in the last-chance saloon. Multiple head-to-heads decide the makeup of Super Sunday, as the remaining players take their last opportunities to impress before the full cast lineup is settled. Join us Sunday for all the action, unscripted and live!

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