July 8-9, 2006

Coldsnap Worldwide Prerelease Fact Sheet

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All Tournaments will be held on the weekend of July 8-9, 2006

Entry Fee & Product Mix

  • Check with your local tournament organizer for specific entry fee information.
  • Cost of entry includes one (5) Coldsnap booster packs per person for single player flights, (7) Coldsnap booster packs per Two-Headed Giant team and (10) booster packs per three-person Team.
  • For further information about Two Headed Giant format, please go to the Two-Headed Giant FAQ.

Tournament Structure

  • The structure of the main Coldsnap Prerelease tournament is modified Swiss-style.
  • Coldsnap Prerelease side tournaments will be offered throughout the day and will consist of single-elimination rounds.

Tournament Formats

The format for each Prerelease tournament is:

  • DCI sanctioned, Coldsnap, Sealed Deck.
  • Select locations, DCI sanctioned, Coldsnap, Team Sealed Deck.
  • Select locations, DCI sanctioned, Coldsnap, Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck.


  • Special commemorative Coldsnap prerelease card for each tournament participant, while supplies last.
  • Additional packs of Coldsnap cards to top players (as determined by your local prerelease Tournament Organizer).
  • Other items for winners of the main tournament and side tournaments may be awarded (as determined by your local prerelease Tournament Organizer).

Registration Information

  • Players who want more specific local tournament or registration information should call their local contact phone number.
  • Players who have general questions about the Magic: The Gathering TCG, Wizards of the Coast tournaments, the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour, the Arena league, the DCI players’ organization, Qualifier tournaments, the Magic World Championships, National Championships, State Championships, or Regionals, should call Wizards of the Coast Customer Service at (800) 324-6496, or go to, http://wizards.custhelp.com.

Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, Coldsnap, DCI, ARENA, and Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. 2006 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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